When is the best time to use Isbjørn Hot Tubs hot tubs

When to use?

The ideal weather to use your hot tub is of course when it gets colder in the evening, or in colder winter weather. The contrast between the hot steaming water in the tub and the cold outside air creates nice scenes such as steaming water. Often when you get out of your hot tub and want to recover, you don't feel much of the cold weather. Compare it to an infusion session at a sauna. Once you are rested, you can slowly slide yourself back into your hot tub. For a moment you think I've been living here, because it often feels hotter, but once in the bath again 5 minutes later it feels like it hadn't been different.

View the weather forecast or forecast

Do you often use the tub on a regular basis and do you want to plan a nice hot tub session with your friends? Then it is not unwise to check the weather forecast. If you want to tub, it is often less fun to use your tub in rain, thunderstorms or strong winds. If you want to check the weather forecasts or the weather forecast, take a look, for example, at weeronline.nl or buienradar.nl.

Maintenance thermowood

All our Hot Tubs are finished with a beautiful thermowood wood finish. Although thermowood is quite durable due to the thermal treatment it has undergone, it takes on a silvery gray color (similar to Red Cedar) over time.

Although not necessary, we always recommend treating the thermowood once a year with Vesting wax oil. This makes the wood water-repellent and keeps its beautiful dark brown color for a longer period of time. However, only treat the exterior finish of your Hot Tub with this oil, never the protective grille that is in the water (models with internal heaters).