Get to know the wood-fired plastic hot tubs from Isbjørn.

Plastic Hot Tub

Wood-fired hot tub with short heating times

However, Isbjørn Hot Tubs has opted for an LDPE plastic inner tub for all its wood-fired Hot tubs, which are ergonomically shaped. These tubs have a sloping wall, closed benches and above all last a lifetime! The advantages of this approach are that you have a lifetime tub, where you need to heat up much less water to enjoy it. The heating times vary on average from about 1.5-2.5 hours. (Depending on the outside temperature, the heating may take a little longer in the winter months than in the summer months).

Thanks to these 1 mold plastic inner tubs, the wood-fired hot tub much longer, and you can even 'restyle' it later. This new generation of wood-fired Hot Tubs therefore retains its value much more than its traditional wooden hot tub. After all, the inner tub lasts a lifetime, while the wood has only been given a decorative function.

Plastic LDPE lasts a lifetime

Thanks to the LDPE plastic inner tub, you buy a plastic hot tub for your life with a lifetime warranty! After all, the LDPE plastic does not decay, is flexible and tough, and is also UV resistant. The inner cockpit is available in gray anthracite, white and optionally. on request in a different color.

Advantages of plastic hot tub

Another important advantage of a plastic hot tub is that you can also leave the Hot Tub temporarily empty (eg during severe frost or during a holiday period). With the wooden models it was wiser not to do this because leaks could still occur over time. A third important advantage of the Isbjørn cockpit is that it is perfectly tailored to an average family composition of 4-6 people in terms of height, seat height and footwell. With the ideal height of approx. 115 cm, you will also be surrounded by the hot water up to your shoulders in winter and experience sufficient legroom.

Insulation Plastic Hot Tub

All our plastic hot tubs have foam insulation on the underside. As a result, the heat is retained and the hot tub has a solid support surface. It is a fact that when the tub can be heated up quickly and stays warm longer, you will enjoy your plastic hot tub more often.

Various types of plastic hot tubs

Tubs are currently also offered in materials other than LDPE, such as glass fiber or polypropylene. Unlike LDPE that lasts a lifetime, these tubs are very subject to scratches, osmosis and can crack welds (PP). We do not support this because the tubs only have a limited lifespan (cracks, fractures, not UV resistant, osmosis, etc...). If you opt for quality, always choose an LDPE tub.

Prices plastic hot tubs

The prices of a good plastic hot tub are generally slightly higher than the traditional wooden hot tubs. This is because, on the one hand, the hot tub is additionally equipped with a plastic inner tub, but on the other hand, Isbjørn are also equipped with only the very best tubs available (LDPE). So you pay a little more, but you will enjoy it for years to come! After all, the plastic does not perish in our situation. Another reason why our Tubs are usually slightly more expensive has to do with the beautiful wooden edge finish so that you still experience 'the wooden feeling' and can sit comfortably on the top edge. This is also the reason why the majority of our customers who initially wanted to buy a cheaper Tub with a plastic edge finish, almost all choose a genuine Isbjørn. So seeing is buying.

You buy directly from the factory in NL

All Isbjørn Hottubs are manufactured in the Netherlands and delivered to the customer from the Netherlands with our own drivers. So you do not pay high costs from Scandinavia or the Baltic States. Since we take our quality assurance very seriously, we have almost everything in our own hands. Would you like to take a look at the production of how we manufacture our plastic hot tubs? Then you are cordially invited, call in advance with the general number: 0633051666.