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You often want to see a wood-fired hot tub with your own eyes. So visit one of our showrooms. With numerous examples, many processing options and expert advice, we produce and deliver exactly the hot tub you are looking for.

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PAY ATTENTION: We only work on appointment, this way we have the time to give you the best possible advice. You can make an appointment by phone or email. Thanks in advance!

We are on holiday from 24-12-2022 to 04-01-2023. From Thursday 05-01-2023 you can visit us again.

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Thursday: 10.00 - 17.00
Friday: 10am - 5pm
Saturday: 09.00 - 13.00

Rosbayerweg 105
1521 RW Wormerveer
+31 633051666

Do you live in Germany and would you like more insight into the costs and possibilities of our hot tubs? 
Then you can contact Peter Braun.
Phone number: +49 (0) 1707727552
Address: Ringstrasse 20, 36399 Freieinsteinau

For the other showrooms, we ask you to make an appointment with the point of sale. Click on the map for contact details at the relevant point of sale of your choice.

Isbjorn Elewijt (B)

Tervuursesteenseweg 630

1982 Elewijt (Zemst)


Phone: +32 (0) 477/550 765


Isbjorn Leipzig (DE)
Sandgrubenweg 26
04349 Leipzig
Phone. +49 – (0) 3419213391

Isbjorn Franeker (NL)
The Wicks 29B
8801 RA Franeker
Phone. +06 43838665

Isbjorn Freiensteinau (DE)
Ringstrasse 20
36399 Freiensteinau
Phone. +49 – (0) 1707727552

Isbjørn Achterhoek (NL)
Akkermansbeekweg 17
7061 ZA Terborg (near Doetinchem)
Achterhoek / Gelderland
Phone. 06-22798972  / 0315-641949

Isbjorn Breda (NL)
Beguinage 5
4891 TL Rijsbergen
North Brabant
Phone. +31 618971184

Isbjørn Wormerveer(NL)
Rosbayerweg 105
1521 RW Wormerveer
North Holland
Phone. +31 633051666