Do you want to build your own wood-fired hot tub? Isbjørn Hot Tubs is happy to help

Build or make your own hot tub

Build or make your own hot tub?

Do you want to make or build a hot tub yourself? Even then we may be able to do something for you. As a manufacturer, we can supply you with various individual parts or in the form of a kit. We supply:

LDPE plastic inner tubs;
insulating rings;
indoor or outdoor heaters;
loose parts with regard to connecting;
wooden edges;
banisters (stainless steel);
filter systems ;

Are you going to make or build a hot tub yourself, let us know what you are looking for and we will send you a quote without obligation and additional advice.

Thermowood wood parts

Since we compose our Isbjørn Hot Tubs ourselves, we can supply you with various parts in thermowood. For example, we can supply custom thermowood stairs, seat elevations, drink trays, plank sets for carpentry around your hot tub, wooden edges for your tub, lids. We are happy to think along with your garden project.


We have had our own stainless steel stair railings developed for our Isbjørn line, as you can view elsewhere on the website. You can also order these separately from us via email. There are also possible swimming pool railings available with anti-slip, these can be nicely combined with built-in hot tubs.