Would you like to know more about the wood-fired hot tubs from Isbjørn Hot Tubs?

Wood-fired hot tubs

Origin wood-fired hot tub

The wood-fired hot tub has its origin in Arctic regions. Initially, these were mainly solid wood baths made of solid wood. The disadvantage of this generation of wood-fired outdoor pools was that they only had a limited lifespan (leaks after some time) and often had straight walls. As a result of these straight walls and open benches you had to heat up much more water, which resulted in a longer heating time.

Wood-fired hot tub with short heating times

However, Isbjørn Hot Tubs has opted for an LDPE plastic inner tub for all its wood-fired Hot tubs, which are ergonomically shaped. These tubs have a sloping wall, closed benches and above all last a lifetime! The advantages of this approach are that you have a lifetime tub, where you need to heat up much less water to enjoy it. The heating times vary on average from about 1.5-2.5 hours. (Depending on the outside temperature, the heating may take a little longer in the winter months than in the summer months).

Thanks to these 1 mold plastic inner tubs, the wood-fired hot tub lasts much longer, and you can even 'restyle' it later. This new generation of wood-fired hot tubs therefore retains its value much more than its traditional wooden hot tub. After all, the inner tub lasts a lifetime, while the wood has only been given a decorative function.

Indoor heater or outdoor heater? 

We supply our wood-fired hot tub with an indoor or outdoor stove. A common question is "Which is better?". This depends entirely on what you consider important. In general, however, it can be said that the wood-fired hot tub with an indoor stove often evokes more atmosphere, is a bit more cozy during bathing because of the crackling wood and the more direct contact with the fire (you are literally sitting next to the fire). The advantage of the outdoor heater is that the hot tub can be cleaned faster (no wooden rack, no heater in the bath where substances can stick). What sometimes also plays a role is that the outdoor heater offers a little more safety for parents with young children.

Enjoy in a wood-fired hot tub

Thanks to the internally built-in TURBO heater, you can enjoy a crackling and crackling wood fire in the bath. Enjoying a wood-fired hot outdoor pool is enjoying the peace and nature outside, the twinkling starry sky, the crackling wood fire, the feeling of being safely surrounded by the hot water, in an increasingly colder outdoor environment.

A wood-fired hot tub for how many people?

Our Isbjørn wood-fired hot tubs are basically available in 3 different variations:

- With indoor stove in a 180 variant with internal stove (freestanding or built-in). Suitable for 4-6 people.
- With outdoor heater in a 160 variant, with external heater. Suitable for 2-4 people.
- A 180 variant with an outdoor heater. Suitable for 4-6 people.

Where and how do I place a wood-fired hot tub?

Fortunately, the plastic wood-fired hot tubs don't weigh as much as a traditional wooden hot tub. In that respect, the placement of a tub has become a lot easier these days. A plastic hot tub has foam insulation rings at the bottom. This is where the hot tub is. This means that you can place the tub on simple tiles, wooden decking or simple gravel. Not recommended on grass or sand. The delivery itself takes place with a pallet truck, if you have a passage to the garden of at least 115 cm wide (for a hot tub with an outdoor heater), our driver will drive to the final location in 1 go. For a hot tub with an internal heater, there must be a passage of at least 160cm wide. We would like to hear about your situation so that we know how to pack the tub. If you do not have such a passage, please discuss this with us beforehand. In consultation, the tub can often be lifted over a fence or fence, or we can come up with other solutions.

What does a wood-fired hot tub cost?

​Isbjørn Hot Tubs focuses on quality in the first place, which means that you cannot always compare our baths with another wood-fired bath. Based on 10 years of experience with other brands and our own production experience, we know better than anyone what is important to you in the long term. The prices of a wood-fired Hot Tub are therefore based on only the very best LDPE plastic inner tubs (thick tubs of 8 mm), powerful 30, 40 or 45 kW wood stoves, a beautiful atmospheric 16 cm wide thermowood wooden edge at the top, and a rot-proof thermowood wood finish (class A). Would you like an overview of our prices, or would you like to download a price list.