Meet the wood-fired built-in hot tub Terrasse from Isbjørn.

Built-in Hot Tub

Step-by-step plan Installation:

Study the construction drawing of your Isbjørn Hot Tub supplied by us, this shows the standard sizes;
Mark the measurements in your garden and realize the required opening in the bottom;
Take into account an insulation plate on the bottom;
If you want a fixed drain (not required in itself), take a fixed drain into account;
If you want a filter, determine in advance where you want the filter and the filter connections;
Place the completely pre-assembled Tub in the bottom;
Connect any fixed drain;
Fill all around with rubble or gravel for good drainage of the excess water later;

Attention points / Tips:

2 meters of chimney pipe is supplied as standard, however, with installation, 3 meters or more can sometimes be desired;
Make sure that the bottom around which the tub will be placed also has an insulation layer;
Make sure that the Hot Tub is well insulated all around and sealed with plastic so that the insulation remains dry and the insulation value is maintained. This is already realized by us as standard;
Tell us how you would like to empty the Hot Tub : a) through a submersible pump?, b) through a filter pump? or c) a combination of any of these options ? We will then take into account all your individual wishes during production;

For Built-in Hot tubs, we advise you to obtain good advice in advance during a visit to one of our sales points.

You buy directly from the factory in NL

All Isbjørn Hottubs are manufactured in the Netherlands and delivered to the customer from the Netherlands with our own drivers. So you do not pay high costs from Scandinavia or the Baltic States. Since we take our quality assurance very seriously, we have almost everything in our own hands. Would you like to take a look at the production of how we manufacture our plastic hot tubs? Then you are cordially invited during our opening hours, please call the general number in advance: 0633051666.