Meet Isbjørn Hot Tubs. Dutch manufacturer of hot tubs.

About us

Isbjorn Hot Tubs

We are a smaller producer of wood-fired hot tubs with more than 10 years of experience. Since February 2019 we have been producing the best LDPE plastic inner tubs based on our own molds. We then put together the hot tub according to your own wishes in our production warehouse in Wormerveer and deliver it to the customer with our own drivers. Quality is therefore very important to us, as we make everything in-house and transport it to the final location in your garden. ISBJØRN HOT TUBS is part of the Woodmex Group and has been delivering beautiful craftsmanship with great passion for many years.

Compared to other models, our LDPE plastic inner tubs have great advantages such as:

Molded plastic tubs without welds;
Ergonomically shaped;
Unbreakable material, lasts a lifetime;
Natural appearance (mixed appearance), authentic.

Own production under the name Isbjørn

Isbjørn Hot Tubs has been producing its own hot tubs since 2012, using our own LDPE inner tubs since 2019 and combining them with TURBO heaters for the fastest heating. The Isbjørn Hot Tubs also have an authentic cozy look thanks to the use of traditional wooden edges. That is what we want to supply, authentic atmospheric hot tubs that at the same time provide you with a lot of practical convenience such as little cleaning and fast heating.

Whirlpool systems

Thanks to further reinforcement and investment in technical know-how, we have been able to further expand our line with solid and reliable whirlpool systems. You can also buy a wood-fired hot tub from us, equipped with, for example, air jets and/or LED lighting. This allows you to enjoy the peace and atmosphere of a wood-fired hot tub, but also enjoy integrated bubbles during summer days.

Built-in hot tubs

In addition to the construction of the regular models, the construction of (partly) built-in models has also taken off. With built-in hot tubs, as a small traditional production company, we can give just that extra attention that is needed (eg special drainage systems, filter techniques and tailor-made connections, integrated whirlpool options that can be controlled remotely, etc.).

Points of sale

Thanks to the greatly improved quality since February 2019, the improved final checks and our own delivery service, you can now find our Hot tubs in several European countries. So we are quite proud of that.

We wish you every success during your orientation and hope to welcome you at one of our showrooms and sales points in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany.