Heating - Use and maintenance - Isbjørn Hot Tubs

Heating wood-fired hot tub

Before you start lighting the stove, it is very important that your Hot Tub for 95% is filled with water. The aluminum stove is exclusively built to work under water.

Lighting a hot tub heater

Using a few firelighters available at any supermarket, you can light the stove. Then lightly fill the stove with some kindling (spruce boards, pallet wood) and a little cardboard. Make sure that the stove is getting enough air. Once the stove is burning well, place the stove lid on the stove opening so that it gets the best possible draft and loses the least amount of heat.

To promote the draft, it sometimes helps to blow air into the narrow air opening (with an internal heater). Fill the stove with some regularity and prevent too much wood from getting stuck in the stove.

Stoking hot tub heater

During the heating up you will notice that the obtained heat appears on the surface especially at the top of the Hot Tub. This will sometimes cause nice fumes. However, when heating up, we recommend that you mix the water frequently with a paddle. Also use the lid to retain the heat obtained as much as possible. Too much heat loss and waiting time is thus avoided.