Wood finish maintenance - Use and maintenance - Isbjørn Hot Tubs

Maintenance hot tub wood finish

Plastic Hot Tub or not, for many Tub users this Hot Tub must also maintain a natural appearance and fit into the landscape. The Tub should continue to look like a wooden Tub, even if the Tub has a plastic inner tub. The Isbjørn hot tub was created from this starting point, a sturdy wooden Tub with a wide wooden rim on the outside, comfortable and practical on the inside due to its shape and choice of materials. The Isbjørn Hot Tub is therefore finished with Thermowood.

What is thermowood?

ThermoWood is thermally treated pine wood from Scandinavian forests. By modifying the wood with heat and steam (without the use of chemicals), it is transformed into a durable and stable product, comparable to wood from tropical forests. ThermoWood also has an insulation capacity that is 23% higher than that of untreated wood.

Due to the modification method, the moisture absorption capacity of the wood decreases considerably and the equilibrium moisture content is lowered. The depth of the warm brown color depends on the intensity of the heat treatment. The higher the temperature and the longer it is held, the darker the color. Since the wood has a lower UV resistance after the modification, a beautiful silver-grey discoloration is also obtained more quickly. Sustainability is a fact.

In summary, the thermal treatment of pinewood has a major impact on swelling and shrinkage, color and biological durability.

Maintenance thermowood

All our Hot Tubs are finished with a beautiful thermowood wood finish. Although thermowood is quite durable due to the thermal treatment it has undergone, it takes on a silvery gray color (similar to Red Cedar) over time.

Although not necessary, we always recommend treating the thermowood once a year with Vesting wax oil. This makes the wood water-repellent and keeps its beautiful dark brown color for a longer period of time. However, only treat the exterior finish of your Hot Tub with this oil, never the protective grille that is in the water (models with internal heaters).