Installation - Use and maintenance - Isbjørn Hot Tubs


Are you considering buying a wood fired Hot Tub? Then it is important to think carefully in advance where you want to place the Tub. Important here are:

Neighbor situation and smoke extraction;
Needed space;
Wood-fired or electrically heated (more about electrically heated hot tubs soon).

Neighbor situation and smoke extraction

The saying goes "better a good neighbor than a distant friend." This also applies to the installation of a wood-fired hot tub. With a wood-fired hot tub, the smoke exhaust should not be a problem for the neighbors or the neighborhood where you live. If you foresee problems, it is wise to discuss this in advance.

You should also take the wind into account when installing, usually the wind in the Netherlands comes from the south-west. From that point of view, see whether the placement of your Hot Tub makes sense for the smoke extraction. In general, the smoke will be most present during the first half hour, but will often rise vertically after that time. The fire is then very warm and the hot air can easily find its way up.

We do not recommend placing a hot tub directly at home (black deposits, smoke) or directly at the fence adjacent to the sitting area of the neighbors. This is often asking for trouble.

Finally, the timing that you start firing is important if you experience problems with the neighbourhood. Stoking on a summer day, when the whole neighborhood is eating outside, can sometimes not turn out well. The smoke will sometimes linger on summer days because of the warmer upper air. It is better to wait a while until the outside air has cooled slightly.

Needed space 

If you have a smaller garden and the available space is limited, it is advisable to measure the space before purchasing. In that case, it can sometimes be better to take a hot tub with an internal heater, so that you can save the space for an outdoor heater. Do you want to know the critical sizes download one of the sketches on our website.

Substrate at installation

A frequently asked question is where should I place the hot tub. If you place the hot tub on a balcony or roof terrace, we advise you to first consult with a construction consultant to see whether the existing construction can withstand the weight. Usually this is not a problem, but always check beforehand.

If you place the hot tub on the ground floor, we do not recommend placing the tub on sand or grass. Keep in mind that as soon as you enter the bath with several people, water can run over the edge. This water will have to drain in a good way.

It is better to lay a gravel bed around the tub, possibly further finished with a wooden decking, sidewalk tiles or decorative tiles, decorative pebbles or wood bark. Following are a few examples.




Wooden decking


Floor tiles


Boulders / Decorative Stones