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Maintenance hot tub water

During a meeting with a sales advisor, we will discuss the maintenance of the water for your Hot Tub in detail. This has to do with the fact that the water in a Hot Tub will become dirty much faster than, for example, a swimming pool as a result of the high bath temperature of approximately 38-40 degrees Celsius.

If you enjoy a warm Hot Tub, a lot of body substances and fats will soon end up in the water. As a result, the water will look dull or cloudy after 2 uses. A second important factor is the bacteria (algae) that will grow with warm water and plenty of sunlight. This makes the water slimy on the wall side and shows a slightly light green color in the bath.

Do you need a filter or not?

Are you using the tub privately or for public purposes?;
How often will you be using the Hot Tub?;

If you mainly use the Tub for public purposes (B&B, hotel guests), we advise you to change the water after every customer / guest. Tenants of an accommodation will usually not want to use the same water from the previous tenants.

If you use the Tub privately on an irregular basis or at most a few times a month, a filter installation is not immediately necessary and it can often be easier and cheaper to change the water weekly. For example, refresh on Fridays if you want to enjoy the weekend. Without a filter installation, you should take into account that you will have to change the water every week.

If you use the Tub privately on a regular basis, for example during the week, it may be advisable to purchase a filter installation. With a filter / UV installation + (chlorine-free!) granulate supplied by us, you can usually use the same water for 2 months.

The use of chlorine is not allowed in a Hot Tub if the Tub is heated with a wood stove, chlorine and aluminum and some stainless steel do not mix. The warranty on a heater lapses if products that contain chlorine are used. Instead of chlorine, we always advise you to work with a filter with a UV lamp in combination with chlorine-free purification granulate.

Whether you need a filter installation is determined by the following factors:

Standard with Isbjørn filter feedthroughs

We know from experience that many customers cannot yet estimate how often they will use a Hot Tub in the future when purchasing. People also dread the extra costs of a filter installation. For this reason, all Isbjørn Hot Tubs are already equipped with filter passages in the wall side as standard. If, after some time, you still want to purchase a filter installation, it can be connected in no time.

Maintenance Hot Tub Water
Maintenance Hot Tub Water