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Your hot tub and frost periods

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With these persistent periods of frost, many Tubber wonder how to deal with frost and the water in your hot tub. The best remedy for persistent frosts of longer than 2 days of frost of -/- 3 degrees or more, is to drain and cover your tub early.

Your Hot Tub And Frost Periods

Although our LDPE plastic inner tubs can withstand the frost, the stove itself and any passages to your filter or to the stove most vulnerable. In particular, the outdoor stove has a double wall where there is water. This could cause damage if the water freezes. An intermediate solution could be to place shut-off valves between the tub and the stove. This allows you to leave the water in the bath, but drain the outdoor heater separately.

For those who definitely want to leave the water in the bath, we can also offer an electric spiral heating of 3000 Watt. You can place this on the return of your filter installation or a separate circulation pump. Do not expect miracles from this, but it can at least keep the bath free of frost. To do this, the filter pump has to run 24 hours a day.

Your Hot Tub And Frost Periods

If you have any doubts about whether your filter itself will remain frost-free, because you have it outside or in a cold shed, a small heat blower is a solution. This is sometimes placed in a round staircase with filter, technology box, or other space in the vicinity of the filter and the pump. The blower then blows warm air into the room so that the pump and filter basin will not freeze.

Your Hot Tub And Frost Periods

All in all, a lot is possible, but it can differ per situation. When in doubt, the first solution, simply emptying it early is often the best option.