Filling and emptying a hot tub from Isbjørn Hot Tubs

Filling hot tub

It is essential that you fill the Hot Tub to just below the top rim with water before you start firing. If you do not do this, a wood stove can break due to overheating. Filling is easy with a normal garden hose and takes about 1.5 - 2 hours with a normal garden hose.

Empty hot tub

Standing models:

You can drain the bath by means of the tap on the outside of the bath (see picture). Connect a garden hose to the ball valve for this. Delivery of a gardena connection is also possible.

Built-in models:

For built-in Hot Tubs, there are 3 options with regard to emptying the Hot Tub:

Emptying can be done with a submersible pump;
You can empty the bath with a filter pump if you have a filter installation or sand filter;
A combination of both.
Fill And Empty
Fill And Empty