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Would you like to try a hot tub first?

Would you like to try out a hot tub first and make it a fun outing? You may then be able to try one of our hot tubs at one of the following addresses!

B&B Delicious
Gerard and Petra Dolfing
Haverkampstegge 12
7107 AX Winterswijk Kotten
Tub: Isbjorn Ekstern

Landscape campsite Grimberghoeve
Clock dike 14
7467 PD Notter
Tub: Welltub internal

Aparthotel Delden / Sauna Vital
Sports avenue 7
7491 DG Delden
Tub: Isbjorn Innenfor

Sauna and Beauty Resort de Leliehof
Wood mill 8
8754 GJ Makkum
Tub: Welltub built-in

Group accommodation Come in the Bedstead
Eskesweg 5
7121 LZ Aalten
Tub(s): Welltub External

Guest Farm Kosman
43 Oude Deventerweg
7451 LT Holten
Tub: Welltub External

Bekker Ski & Mountaineering Switzerland
Route d'Emosson 4
Espace Mont Blanc
CH-1925 Finhaut
Valais - Switzerland

't Kempke
Hanhofweg 5
7587 LK De Lutte